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Campus Sexual Violence

Many survivors who have experienced sexual violence on campus are unsure if they want to report their assault or even talk about what happened.  Some of those reasons include not wanting others to know; fear of retaliation; unsure if what happened was assault; not knowing how to report and more.  If you have experienced sexual violence on campus, our advocates can provide confidential and anonymous support for you.  You can talk openly about what happened to you without identifying yourself.  We are here to support you and whatever decisions you make, if any.  You don’t have to face what happened to you alone.  If you just need to talk or want local resources, we are here for you.

What is Title IX?

It is a federal civil right that prohibits sex discrimination in any educational institution that receives federal funding.  This is an option that you can explore with an advocate when you call.  More information can be found at

If you or someone you know was sexually assaulted on campus, or experienced any other sexual violence, please call us to speak with an advocate.  You can call any day or any time at 1.800.770.1650 or text iowahelp to 20121.