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Sexual Violence | Men and Boys

Men and Boys

The issue of sexual violence is not exclusive to women and girls.  Research states that 1 in 6 men experience sexual violence before the age of 18.
1 in 6.
That's roughly 17%.
That's the same percentage of US citizens who get married more than once. And we all know someone in that boat.
Odds are, you know a man who has experienced sexual violence.
But because of stereotypes about masculinity, we don't like to talk about it. Men and boys who are sexually assaulted have many extra barriers to healing.
Many male survivors receive harmful messages that create shame and confusion. These may be spoken out loud, or silently believed.  Because men in our society are stereotyped as “tough guys,” they may feel weak or shameful after an assault. For some, the very word “rape” seems to imply the violent sexual assault of a female, not a male.  Thus, male victims of rape struggle to find words to describe what has happened to them. Unfortunately, this leads to so many men carrying the pain of this abuse alone. 
But you're not alone, and what happened does not strip your manhood.
If something happened to you, please know it was not your fault. There are people who care and will hear you out. Our advocates can help you with free, confidential support. Call 1.800.770.1650 or text 'IOWAHELP' to 20121.