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Recognizing the Signs

Below are some signs that could indicate someone is being victimized by human trafficking:

Restrictions | Victims work extended hours without the freedom to leave or take breaks.  They have restricted or monitored communications.  They also might not have access to their own documents.

Poor Physical Health | Victims are often denied proper medical care and can show signs of physical abuse and malnourishment.  Teens who are trafficked and still living at home may fall asleep in class often or have rapidly declining health.  

Possessions | A lot of victims have very little personal belongings or resources.  They are often not allowed to handle money directly.  On the alternative side, when it comes to younger people it can be someone who suddenly has expensive clothes or accessories.  Or, if a younger person begins carrying more than one cell phone.

Confusion | Victims may lack basic knowledge of their whereabouts as well as a sense of time. 

Behavior | Victims can be fearful, anxious, and depressed.  They may also avoid direct contact as well as show fear of law enforcement. 

Branding | Some traffickers brand their victims.

If you are concerned for someone, please call us.  We can talk through some of the potential signs you’ve noticed.  Your call is free & confidential.